“~As I step out into a new season in my life of trusting day by day, God has put it on my heart to start a new blog as this is a new chapter in my life and walk with him.~”

My name is Briley Jo Cruz. I am a singer/songwriter/musician. This blog began as a faith step. I entered a new assignment from the Lord that would last a year long. As the months past, I realized that this is something I felt was important; to share what God was bringing me through and showing me. Everything we walk through can be used to speak hope into someone else as they cross similar bridges that you have. We were never meant to climb mountains and walk valleys alone.

“On this blog, I will be speaking from my heart, talking about whatever God gives me. Whatever He leads me to share is to encourage, inspire, and strengthen those who read it, to walk with God. He has much to show us. No matter what season you find yourself in, no matter where you are, He will be found. He loves us and He is closer than we know.”

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3 NIV

That verse has been proved true, time and time again. He is faithful.

Here I am, a year and a half after the start of my new adventure and I am still feeling compelled to write, to share. So this is my journey.

Praying God’s best over you, Briley Jo.


My Secondary blog::


—-“This blog is bits and pieces from my journey, sharing truths that God has shared with me. I am twenty three years old. I am choosing to RE-WRITE MY STORY–by His Grace.”—-

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