P E A K S & V A L L E Y S


P E A K S  &  V A L L E Y S

It’s a very real thing in this life. This journey path that I find myself. One thing I know: no matter where the road leads me, the Lord walks with me.

I am never alone and neither are you.

No matter if we are led to a mountain top or stumbling through a trying valley, when we look to God, He will bring the peace and the strength to move ahead.

P E A K S  &  V A L L E Y S

Living in the mountains for 10 years now, now I can picture just what they look like. Mountains surround us on every side; they’re beautiful no matter the season. The views are incredible when you’re on top looking out. …when everything else feels so small in comparison to what you’re standing on.  —But you can’t have mountain peaks without valleys.

In our walk with the Lord, in my walk with the Lord, I have learned and can say that there are treasures to be seen and learned in both. –Mountain top experiences and lowest of valleys.

Life is in seasons, but God is always speaking and teaching us; growing us up to be more like Him. I have come to know that there are treasures to be learned in both places. Although Peaks are definitely more desired, God has showed me time and time again that there is beauty even in brokenness. God does not despise the small and He doesn’t write us off when we fail. If we TRUST Him, He smoothes the path we’re standing on because we find and we See that HE Is with us— in our midst. And We GROW.

Some days are filled with light and easy moments, laced with smiles and laughter, but then they are followed by dark days full of wrestling and waiting and waiting and remembering how important it is to be still and process with the Lord…And TRUST TRUST TRUST and Seek and Trust.

I wish there was more consistency, but HE Is always consistent. He is never wavering, never to fail. I am continuing to pursue peace, the Peace of God, no matter how my days unfold. Jesus is the Prince of Peace and I can be Sure of Him. So that even in the dry and silent valleys of my life, I can still whisper trust to my God—I can still find hope and can praise Him.

God give us the Grace and Courage so that we might Trust and Thank wherever we find ourselves. You are working it all out. You haven’t missed a thing and You have a plan. We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. (2 Corinthians 4:18)

We wait for the perfect time. We wait on you Jesus.  P E A K or V A L L E Y, we wait for You.



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