Big Faith and 5 little stones

Sometimes all God needs is big faith and 5 little stones.

About a month ago, one night, I was reminded of the story of David and Goliath. And that when we face our Giants, or a mountain is in front of us, God knows what He is doing. He knows what He is allowing and He knows the opposition. He knows grief and tribulation. Jesus was called ‘man of sorrows.’(Isaiah 53:3)

He knows.

When I read through the story of David and Goliath, it was as if I read it with new eyes. My heart is encouraged at the simplicity of this extravagant miracle.

David had big faith, 5 little stones, And David knew the mighty power of his God.

  • David was willing. God saw his willingness. When others were hiding and would not face that giant, David was willing and stepped forward.
  • David had big faith. Big faith in GOD. Big faith in what God could do. Big faith for what God would do for him. David had Big faith that God would show up and help him that day!
  • David found 5 little stones. David was prepared as best he could. He used what he had. He brought what he had to the table. He offered God what he had and believed and trusted that that was enough. David trusted that God would come through.

That day things would change.

David brought 5 little stones with him, but God only used 1. God only saw fit to use 1 stone. I see that as God’s goodness and God’s sovereignty. I believe God honored David’s big faith and his 5 little stones. God honored David’s heart and his willingness to stand up and do the right thing. To step out no matter how small he was and no matter how under-qualified he was in the sight of everyone else. He was Big in God’s hands. And that is all that Mattered.

God knew the giant. God knew Goliath. Just as God knew David’s giant, He knows all of our mountains by name, too. And He will honor our willingness and our hearts to do as He asks us. Our obedience to step out in faith and try. .to step out and do what God asks us to, even if we are standing alone. We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. (2 Corinthians 4:18) To everyone there that day, I am sure David seemed to be standing alone, but we know the end of that story. David was never alone. God was right there fighting with him and through himthrough whatever David had in his hands to offer.

It’s the same with us. When we bring whatever we have to offer to the Lord, He does amazing things; big things. He delights in using us. Especially our broken things. The things that others would cast aside or look-over. He takes value in our 5 little stones, every time. every place.

Sometimes all God needs is big faith and 5 little stones.


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