It really can be that simple.

Simple faith.

Sometimes I forget how simple it can really be. It–meaning prayer or having God answer, or maybe in the words we say to God.

Back in September, I was babysitting a little 5 year old friend of mine. We were playing in our little kiddie pool in the backyard. The sun wasn’t quite out so the water was cold because there was a slight breeze. She looked at me and said she was cold. So I said, well we can pray that God stops the wind and brings out the sun so we can keep on playing. Bashfully smiling, she looked at me and told me I could do it. I could do the praying. Sure.

So I did.

Before I could finish my words, the wind stopped and she looked at me and said, “He did it.” She giggled and continued to play.

The wind stopped and she noticed it before I did.

Maybe we complicate things. We simply prayed and God did. She knew it and carried on.

We thanked God together and I have to admit, I sat there in joyful puzzlement maybe amazement, like the giggly kind and smiled. It was just so easy. It was just SO SIMPLE.

Maybe it’s meant to be that simple.

His yoke is easy, His burden is light. Matt. 11:30

With Jesus, we have to believe, I have to believe, that it really can be that simple and that precious; that beautiful.

We’ll never know till we cross to the other side, but our simple prayers and simple speech matter. They have great power and bless the Lord. Simple faith is not little faith. Simple faith is sincere and Sure. We are to be humbly confident that He hears us and will move on our behalf. The God of all creation moves on our very words.



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