So full of faith.

So full of faith.

“We were so full of faith. We just believed and moved on what we believed. We didn’t think. We didn’t analyze. We just did.”

This blog is to encourage you to dream again.

Over the past two weeks, I have been reminded of a different season in my past, a season in which I encountered incredible God moments. Incredible God-leading moments along side of a group of about 15 other like-minded close friends. We all wanted the same thing. We wanted more of God. We wanted to see more of His works. We just wanted to SEE Him…Like a little child.

And We did. God gave us visions and dreams. He gave us mighty prayers and direct words of knowledge for others. We felt so empowered and excited because God was moving. I have beautiful memories from these times. They are a gift, a forever gift, but sometimes (and more recently), these memories playback in my mind and bring me down and discourage me because I feel I can never reach those again. I Can’t go back.

I’m in a new season now.

As I talked to God about these feelings of longing to “be there” again, in that amazing season, He encouraged my heart and I am writing this because I feel others can relate and could use some encouragement too.

I quickly jotted down what I felt that He was saying to me and He said:

“Yes some seasons are filled with more hope. Some seasons appear to be more fruitful (from the outside looking in), pleasing, convincing even. Assuring? BUT you are the same person and maybe even more of a person than you were then in other ways. Different ways. Stronger ways and older ways. And….Different is NOT Less.”

Different is Never Less.

This is to encourage you to be childlike again. Hopeful again, Expectant.

“That person in those past seasons full of light is still inside of you waiting to come out.”

This brought me much hope. He wants us to be expectant, with eyes wide open for Him.

The very next day I was in a meeting and God spoke to me and continued to confirm in my heart. He again reminded me of how bold I was in that past season, but then He showed me a CLEAR picture of what that boldness looks like Today, in the season I’m in right now-that Same boldness.

He told me that “It never disappeared…It never left—It’s just in a different form, for a different season.”

I realized that in our walk with the Lord, if we allow His leadership and put it first, “We evolve, We grow, We blossom and bloom.” He loves the process because it brings fellowship with Him.

We evolve, We grow, We blossom, and We bloom.

Don’t lose heart. EVERYTHING God has put inside of us is still there. No matter which season you find yourself in, BE ENCOURAGED. Be FILLED with HOPE that it’s not over till it’s over and He finishes every good work.

“That person in those past seasons full of light is still inside of you waiting to come out.”



3 thoughts on “So full of faith.

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful encouragement. I’ve been singing a lot lately, “No matter what it looks or feels like, He is constant, faithful and able.” To know how He feels in every season is such a motivating affirmation in our lives to keep pressing into His heart through it all.

    You are such a blessing through your worship and your blog. Thank you for the expression of His heart that you are. 🙂


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