When one door closes…

These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open. -Revelation 3:7

When one door closes…

Early May last year, I re-enrolled myself in our local community college in order to complete my Associates of Arts degree. I began this degree in 2012 and had it almost complete, when God, redirected my steps and led me to a worship university in KC, Missouri. After finishing my time there, I came home and continued pursuing the “next step” for me; the next season. What did God want for my life, well… the next year at least ;). Several months later, I strongly felt led to finish what I had started and receive my degree. Everything quickly fell into place and I began my final semester.

About a week or two into the fall semester, my final semester, during time spent with the Lord, I suddenly felt the excitement that during the following four months, I would certainly know what was next for me. GOD loves to wait till the eleventh hour to reveal his plan. I knew this and I was so sure that like previous times, God would give me another glimpse or hint in the direction of my life before the end of the semester. Little to say, the end of the semester came and no glimpse was given. I hadn’t received any hints of the future, while I presently held my degree in my hands.

It was then that I entered a confusing place. An unpleasant place of questioning, wondering what I did wrong…Did I fail? I didn’t hear anything …. Did I miss your leading Lord? Did I miss it? I entered a place of discouragement that I kept to myself as I tried to process and “rewind” the past four months. Failure. Failing became a reality and still, I couldn’t find any answers.

Here we are, January 19th, 2016. Seven weeks later…..or I should say 49 long, questioning, interesting days later. Here we are. No, the answers have not come flowing off the pages yet and no, they have not come floating to me in a bottle either, BUT I have new Hope today in my heart as I write this and release where I’ve been, in hopes that this will reach you wherever you are. This January morning, God gave me a new truth: “Closed Doors are answers too.” 

“Closed Doors are answers too.”

I look at that phrase and I look at my life the past few months and I see now that GOD did give me answers.. Specific instances, fleeces that I put out there, God saw them. Every Single. One. Intentional, small steps of faith that I took, were seen and dealt upon. Guidance from the father was given. He never stopped leading me. The ANSWER was given, I just didn’t see them because they came in the form of closed doors.

Closed doors hurt. They confuse, but if we remember Who is the one on the other side, the one who is in control, always, ever being above it all, we can find new hope over the pain, doubt, and failure. “No’s” from the Lord are not meant to discourage us and let us down, but rather they make our way clearer, they clear the true path of the Father. The path that the Lord himself is calling you to follow. God is speaking.

As I’ve said before, God is in the detours. I am convinced, He is in the closed doors just as often. Regardless, if HE is in them, I find myself in the safest place to be, because He is there.





4 thoughts on “When one door closes…

  1. When one door opens, another closes, but it’s scary in the hallway!!!! I know this perfectly well because I’m experiencing it now, but I know the Lord is directing my steps. He hasn’t brought me this far to drop me on my head!!!!! He’s chosen you to minister to the lost and brokenhearted and you’re ministering to me right now! Perfect timing, right before I am going to sleep!!!!
    Love you, Marta


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